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Rogina was voted one of the "Top 100 Haircutters in the U.S." by The Ladies Home Journal

She brings 25 years of experience specializing in precision haircutting.

This Baltimore girl moved to Miami, Florida where she worked for Vidal Sassoon. Rogina completed her training in London and transferred back to Miami were she became an educator and stylist for the Miami beach team.

After taking a creative director position in San Diego, California, she has since trained in New York and become a bumble and bumble network educator and enjoys calling Chicago home.

Ms Fortin inspires her creativity through traveling, architecture, photography, fashion and design.

Rogina's work has been published in the Baltimore, Washington, Chicago, Miami and San Diego areas.


Bumble & Bumble
New York
Network Educator

Yuko™ Hair Academy
Los Angeles
Yuko™ Hair Straightening

Vidal Sassoon Academy
Advanced Academy
Creative Course

Contemporary Course

Los Angeles
Comprehensive Course

Maryland Beauty Academy


Hair Drezzers on Fire
San Diego
Stylist + Haircutter

Roque Salon
Stylist + Haircutter

Diesel Salon
San Diego
Bumble & Bumble Network Educator
Stylist + Haircutter

Jet Rhys
San Diego
Haircutter Specialist
& Yuko™ hair straightening.

La Jolla
Creative Director & Educator

Vidal Sassoon
Stylist II + Educator

Victoria & Albert
Stylist II + Educator